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Camera & Electronics

The Doxie Go scanner has been a game changer for me in downsizing all my photos, letters, business cards, and postcards. I love that it recharges with a USB connection, it’s portable, lightweight, and automatically crops my photos as I scan them… no more manual cropping!!

Even though I love my Google Pixel 2 phone for it’s camera capabilities, I was disappointed to find that it doesn’t have a headphone jack. These bluetooth earbuds have come to the rescue when it’s late and I’m squeezing in one last YouTube episode from my favourite content creators while Kent’s trying to sleep!

You know… just in case you drop it!

I was skeptical about this case’s ability to store my cards securely without accidentally opening but I’ve had no trouble with it yet. It only holds two cards and since I like to travel light this makes sure I have the basics if I head out the door with only my phone in my back pocket.

This mic came with an adapter that we can use with our Google Pixel 2 phones (no headphone jacks) and it works quite well. I think I would like to try a Rode brand mic to compare the two as this one doesn’t quite pick up the sound like I hoped it would but it could just my lack of experience meeting my high expectation.

Wish list item!!!

Wish list item!!!

Is there such a thing as too many charging cords? I don’t think so!


Wish list item!!

We’ve seen so many full-time RVers using a Berkey water filtration system and it really just makes sense.

These towels are upcycled from leftover denim and I really like them. They did shrink quite a bit during laundering but I expected that and they’re still cute, dry the dishes well, and don’t stay wet very long.

We absolutely love this espresso machine and use it several times a day. It has saved us many dollars as we rarely go to Starbucks anymore knowing we can make an even better cup of coffee at home. We will definitely be making room for this in the RV.

I don’t find it cooks the food much faster, but it is so nice to put your food in the Instant Pot and leave it while you set the table, make a side dish, or check Facebook. That being said, cooking a whole frozen chicken in less than an hour is still pretty “instant”.

RV Life and Camping

Wish / Need Item

Wish / Need Item

Wish / Need Item

Wish / Need Item


This is the tire plug kit that Kent used in his “When it all goes south” video. It’s always a good idea to have a couple of these on hand as it can take a couple “tries” to make it work.

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