Q21 Family Reunion

Quartzsite Meetup | JANUARY 16-24

You’re invited to “circle the wagons” with some awesome RVers this January!


We are so disappointed that Kent & I are unable to attend the Q21 Family Reunion. There are just so many things working against us from travel restrictions to our personal situation and everything in between! We know you will all have a fabulous time meeting some amazing people and we look forward to hearing all about your experiences.

Quartzsite, AZ has vast acres of flat desert land perfect for boondocking with friends. Here are a few things you should know so you can best be prepared for Q21 and hanging out with the #coolRVkids!!




  • La Posa South LTVA GPS:  33.6212807695709, -114.21597972662
  • If you want to circle the wagons with certain people (maybe your favourite YouTuber), please contact them directly to find out where they are camping.
  • Not everyone will be staying at the Family Reunion location as some people may want to camp in a different location and just visit the Family Reunion.
  • There is LOTS of BLM (free) land in Quartzsite as well as campgrounds and Long Term Visitor Areas (fee required). Camp where you like and wander over to the Family Reunion location to visit around the campfire and share your best RV tales.


  • Bring your own picnic will be held on Saturday, January 23 @ 2:00pm
  • Campfire stories, friendship, and fun
  • Movie night for families


THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the Firewood Fund! 

Concerned About Covid?

We want everyone to feel safe while having fun at Q21 so we are making a few changes to our original plans to accommodate the current situation.

  • The potluck dinner is now a bring-your-own-food style picnic. You can arrange to sit in your own family or “bubble” so we can maintain social distancing protocol while still being near to each other and enjoying our meals together.
  • We are thinking of offering the North section of our camping area as a “quiet zone” so if you would like to participate with full masking and social distancing protocol, this will be the area for you to set up your rig. If you are more comfortable with singing and fewer restrictions, feel free to join the South section, or the “loud zone”.  Of course, we will all respect one another’s wishes and want everyone to feel safe.
  • We need to limit our “circles” to 50 people as per the Arizona mandates so please keep this in mind as you set up your camping areas.
  • If you have more suggestions for how we can keep each other safe while still having a great time together, please let one of the volunteers know of your concerns or ideas.

“Feels like a Family Reunion” -Papa Drew

Breaking News

GPS Coordinates to Family Reunion Location

33.6212807695709, -114.21597972662

Come circle the wagons at the La Posa South LTVA. For Turn-by-Turn directions, check out Papa Drew’s Video.


Your water and dump station are included with your $40 fee

(see below for details)
Here’s some info from the BLM.gov website:


The La Posa Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) was created in 1983 to fulfill the needs of winter visitors and to protect the local desert ecosystem from overuse. The campground is approximately 11,400 acres in size, flat landscape, sparsely vegetated with plants such as creosote bushes, palo verde trees, ironwood trees, mesquite trees and various species of cacti. La Posa LTVA offers solitude in a unique desert landscape and a variety of recreational opportunities such as hiking, wildlife viewing and rockhounding.


10 ADA accessible vault toilets, 8 water faucets, dry dump station, dump station with water, trash services, dance floor and ramada.

Permits and Fees

Whether you’re planning a single visit or coming back multiple times a year, enjoy the convenience of purchasing a pass before you arrive to cover recreation-related fees at Bureau of Land Management sites. Learn more about site-specific digital pass options at the Yuma Field Office and buy your pass.

The LTVA long term permit ($180) allows use of Bureau of Land Management designated LTVAs continuously from September 15th to April 15th (a total of 7 months), or for any length of time between those two dates. The LTVA short-visit permit ($40) allows use of Bureau of Land Management designated LTVAs for any 14 consecutive day period from September 15th to April 15th, which begins on the day the permit receipt is exchanged for the official permit and decal. The short-visit permit may be renewed an unlimited number of times for the cost of the permit. LTVA permits are valid at all of the Bureau of Land Management LTVAs.

Q21 Family Reunion T-shirts

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You can contact these fabulous people if you have specific questions about Q21 Family Reunion


Are We There Yet?








Sneak Peek

If you’ve never been to Quartzsite in January and you’re curious to see what it’s all about, check out some of these videos from your favorite YouTubers! Be sure to subscribe, comment, and like so we can look forward to meeting you at Q21 Family Reunion.