First Six Months of RV Life

YouTube It feels like just yesterday we were pulling away from “the funnel” to spend our first night of RV life boondocking on my friend’s property to have a farewell party. It also feels like I’ve been an RV Nomad for my whole life. In the...

Our New Home

YouTube As we sat across the table from the older couple, my mind and heart were racing. They have a motorhome for sale. We need a place to live. Kent has been offered a generous business contract that will allow us to travel full-time but, right now – in this moment...

Our First Collab

We were absolutely thrilled when Kyle and Olivia put out an invitation to the “Vibe Tribe” to collaborate with them for a downsizing video. They were super patient with us newbies and gave us step-by-step instructions as well as good encouragement that we...

Tales of the Beginning

YouTube ~A Tough Start~ “You’re probably not going to have a husband by the end of the weekend.” This is what the doctor told me -a 21 year old, pregnant mommy- as my husband lay fighting for his life in ICU and my 18-month old daughter was in...
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