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We are Kent & Lisa and life is getting interesting. After 29 years of marriage, 3 kids, 2 businesses, and one big inter-provincial move, we were ready for a ‘new normal’.

We sold just about everything we own, bought a vintage motorhome, took two weeks to renovate it and now we travel all over North America; south for the winter and north for the summer.

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Curious about what REALLY makes us tick? Why we think and say the things we do? There’s more to the story than positive thinking and a happy outlook on life.

It’s because we have peace with God.

Because of the saving power of Jesus Christ, we are able to live an abundant fulfilling life no matter what circumstances come our way. Through death, poverty, and sickness or in life, wealth, and health we stand on the promises of the Bible – God’s love letter to us.

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