It feels like just yesterday we were pulling away from “the funnel” to spend our first night of RV life boondocking on my friend’s property to have a farewell party.

It also feels like I’ve been an RV Nomad for my whole life.

In the past six months we have learned, grown, been stretched way beyond our comfort zones, and know what it is to REALLY LIVE!

Stats & Data

All currency is USD

~ Average fuel economy was 9.08 mpg

~ Camping expenses $1098

  • Thousand Trails Annual Membership: $508
  • National / State Park Camping: $40.00
  • Private Campgrounds: $480
  • Boondockers Welcome & Harvest Hosts: 70.00

~ Miles travelled 6,631 (10,610 kms)

~ RV maintenance $650

~ Cost of fuel $2131

~ Laundry $208

~ Park passes $110

It’s Not Easy

Life on the road is not for the faint of heart, the lazy, the impatient, or the princess. I knew I needed to work on some of these character flaws so I was willing to embrace this lifestyle knowing it would change me for the better. I can still sleep-in most days but there are many tasks to be done in a day so being lazy really isn’t an option. And, like I mentioned in the YouTube video, my patience is rewarded by having things run more smoothly on a daily basis. Impatience and frustration = RV repairs and wrong turns in the city!

As for being a princess…well, our most watched video just happened to be filmed on a no-makeup day!!! There goes my vanity out the window. Good riddance 🙂

It’s So Rewarding

Just at the moment when it feels like it’s just too hard to keep going, we are rewarded for our perseverance by

  • a stunning desert sunset
  • a romantic walk along the beach
  • visiting with precious family members
  • an encouraging visit with new friends over a delicious cup of coffee
  • a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon
  • the intricate detail on a sand dollar
  • a hot tub full of rousing political discussions
  • a kind word from our YouTube community
  • the reward of an epic view at the end of a gruelling hike
  • and so much more

It’s Life Giving

I feel as though I’ve lived more life in the past 6 months than my past 40 plus years put together. As we took those twists and turns up Route 66 to Oatman I could have chosen to be fearful but I chose, instead, to embrace the adrenaline rush and fully live in the moment.

When we’ve been so close to the edge of poverty and have rubbed shoulders with those that have even less than we do, it’s these same precious people who remind us that God is our provider and He cares for us. This causes my faith to grow in inexplicable ways.


It’s Marriage Building

Kent & I have taught marriage courses and worked with couples one-on-one to help them get their relationships back on track but this nomadic lifestyle will put any marriage to the test! Living in less than 200 square feet every day, driving “Bessie” through unknown city streets with a wonky GPS, dropping the motorhome into a deep hole, running up against deadlines with no WiFi or cell signal, shopping in a new store every week and hauling laundry to the laundromat are all opportunities for a marital breakdown! But, we learned early on to give each other lots of grace and to choose to have a good attitude when the “dips” happen.

I believe our marriage is even stronger than it was before and we really enjoy each other’s company. We know what it is to love and respect one another and to lay aside selfishness and pride for the sake of unity and peace. For these lessons, I am truly thankful.

How Much Longer?

We have no plans to stop this Nomadic life. We love it and it suits us just fine. This first six months has simply laid the groundwork for the next several years and we are excited to see where the journey takes us in the future.

From this point we are making our way back to Canada to work as campground hosts near Calgary, Alberta until the fall of 2019 then… who knows? Maybe Florida? Maybe Mexico? Maybe Alaska? Or maybe we’ll just take our time and hang around Utah and Arizona for the whole winter and soak up the desert sun.

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we are happy to be living in a 28 foot vintage renovated motorhome named Bessie.

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