As we sat across the table from the older couple, my mind and heart were racing. They have a motorhome for sale. We need a place to live. Kent has been offered a generous business contract that will allow us to travel full-time but, right now – in this moment – we’re in a financial squeeze.

We’ve told you about our downsizing journey and how this apartment we live in is affectionately known as “the funnel”. I’m here to tell you, we’ve also learned to downsize and live minimally in the financial funnel this year. We’ve had our challenges but we’ve also seen God provide and bless us in many ways. As Kent was praying about our future and asking the Lord for clear direction, we were reminded that sometimes we just need to ask.

And that’s why we found ourselves around the kitchen table with the couple who have a motorhome for sale; to ask if we could work out a plan together. He simply asked and they simply said yes.

And I simply started crying.

God has gone before us and provided a way and I know He put this together. Sometime, when we’re sitting around a campfire together, I’d love to tell you the whole story. But for right now, I just want to be grateful and to linger in this place of humble joy.

Stay tuned as we pick up the RV, begin the renovation, and launch into full-time RV life.

But first…. A wedding.

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